Du brauchst Commercials oder Videos für Crossmediale Kampagnen? Bei One Shot Production produzieren wir hochwertige Produkt-, Food- und Lifestyle-Videos.



I am Nicolas Heinzel, a Movie, Commercial and Musicvideo Director & Editor from Düsseldorf, Germany.  I own a Video Production Company called One Shot Production.

My Past: Everything started when I was 6 years old. A filmmaker in my neighborhood who made movies inspired me, so I started to practice with my own camera.

Today: I’m directing and producing movies, commercials and musicvideos at my own business. 2019, I graduated with a Diploma and Bachelor’s degree at the SAE Institute, a private film-school.

What is special about me: I am a young visionary with a lot of life experience who incorporates his personal experiences into his work. My style? A dark aesthetic that interprets the nostalgia from films of the 90s in a modern way. I play with lighting, vintage lenses and special camera settings to visually represent pure emotions.

How I work: The motivation and the vibe on set are extremely important to me. I am someone who can lead a team in an emphatic way to get the best out of each individual. When I’m on set, I want everyone to feel comfortable and be able to develop, which is reflected in the quality of my films.


+49 1578 9699821